How to Get Around Anguilla

Anguilla Moke An electric Moke. Photo: Zuri Wilkes

Anguilla is safe and fun to explore

You can travel around Anguilla on your own, although you may have to share the road with a rooster or goat. There isn’t any public transportation in Anguilla. Most residents own cars and visitors get around by taxi, rental car or car service. Driving is on the left-hand side of the road.

Renting a car is recommended and our concierge will coordinate for you. You’ll love having freedom to dine out at restaurants across the island, visit resorts for live music, beach hop and find hidden treasures like the West End arch! Renting a car is also the most economical option.


Waze and other mobile navigation apps work well in Anguilla. You’ll quickly notice that there are no address numbers. Business locations are referred to by the name of the beach, building, bay, neighborhood, road or end of the island (e.g. West or East end) on which they are located.

Anguilla car rentals

Our concierge can arrange car rental pickup or taxi at the airport or ferry terminal. Many guests choose to take a taxi to Villa Alegria when they arrive and have the rental car dropped off at the villa the next day.

Sedans, VW “bugs”, jeeps, mini-vans and SUVs are all available. Inventory varies by agency. You can ask for a car with the steering wheel on either the left or right side. You must be 18 years old to drive and have a valid driver’s license from your country of origin. You will also purchase a temporary Anguilla driver’s license ($28) through the rental company. Child car seats are available. Gas stations are located across the island. Gas prices may be listed in EC, but you can pay with the US dollar or credit card.

Car or van service with driver

Don’t want to drive or have a larger group? Our concierge can arrange a driver with a car or van for your entire stay, or just when you don’t feel like driving yourselves — including luxury and high capacity options. Drivers make excellent tour guides and guests often request the same person every trip. A car service is also a smart choice when you are headed out for drinks at night.

Moke rentals

For a day or afternoon of island adventure, rent an open-air, candy-colored moke. It’s an exciting way to see the island. Expect an entertaining — and bumpy — ride.


We don’t recommend mokes as your everyday mode of transportation as they are not air conditioned and may not have a roof for sun protection.

Travel smart

You can feel confident traveling around Anguilla, but like anywhere in the world you should still use common sense. Lock your car when you park and avoid leaving valuables unattended in a car or on the beach. Be extra careful navigating unpaved roads at night.

Since there aren’t any buses, you may see that it is common practice for people in Anguilla to stop to offer someone walking a ride. While the island is known for being safe and friendly, it’s never a good idea to pick up or accept rides from someone you do not know.

Beaches are all public and there are no lifeguards. Please be mindful of surf conditions and practice proper water safety on the beach and in the pool or hot tub — especially with small children or if you have medical conditions. Use bike helmets, life jackets and car seats as appropriate.

Call 911 to reach emergency services.

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