Anguilla Air Services Announces Direct Flights Between Antigua and Anguilla

Anguilla Air Services Antigua to Anguilla 2023 Flights

Anguilla Air Services Ltd has added scheduled direct flights between Anguilla and Antigua. Anguilla visitors now have another option to fly direct to Anguilla.

The flights will operate Tuesday, Friday and Saturday every week starting November 3, 2023.

You can book online on the Anguilla Air Services website.

Anguilla Air Services’ listing in the GOS is in partnership with Hahn Air Systems consolidation services and may appear as Hahn Air Services (H1), operated by Anguilla Air Services (AAS).


Anguilla Air Services Flight Schedule Between Antigua and Anguilla

From Anguilla (AXA) to Antigua (ANU):

Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday: Flight Q3269, Departs 2 pm.

From Antigua (ANU) to Anguilla (AXA):

Every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: Flight Q3268, Departs 4:30PM


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